Nicholas Ong (b. 1995) is a singaporean artist and painter. His practice navigates the juncture between perception and reception through his experiments as an artist. His works, rooted in personal narratives and external experiences, seek to challenge conventional definitions through painterly sensibilities. Oscilating between social interactions and solitude, Ong explores paradigms and relationships through tangible and intangible mediums. Employing light as paint to challenge the boundaries of installations and paintings. His creations embody an interplay of form and substance, inviting viewers to contemplate the evocative fusion of environmental effects and material dispositions, simulating a dynamic dialogue between the observer and the observed. 

Nicholas has participated in exhibitions in Singapore and around the region and has been commissioned by the likes of Facebook, M.A.C. Cosmetics, Marvel, Pedro, The Singapore Art Museum and works with a variety of artists in different creative fields. In 2019, he participated in an Artist in Residence with the Balai Seni Negara (National Art Gallery Malaysia) and exhibited work during the Inaugural Triennial Singapore Malaysia Bilateral Cultural Showcase during Urbanscapes Malaysia. His most recent exhibitions include S.E.A Focus 2022, "Flat" at Sullivan + Strumpf Singapore, "Closer Than They Appear" and his solo exhibition "radio silence" at Yavuz Gallery.

Nicholas is represented by Ames Yavuz.